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How the Fresh-Start Effect Creates a Clean Slate

Strategy + Business Thought Leaders:  Young Profs (3:31)

this is some gibberish - I'm testing!


HEY KATY. This is a regular ole text block. beneath it is the code block i created. it's the exact same code we used in the sidebar (which appears on every page, so we can't really experiment with it live :)

the only difference, is i didn't bother copying over the featured articles label. and of course it auto-expands to fill the grid (horizontal space). anyway, just click in there and check out the HTML. You'll recognize most of it, but really all you have to do is pick and old item you want to replace with the new item and literally just update it. if you wish to change the order, you'll have to cut and paste. just be careful not to cut and paste any of the code that sets builds the block itself (the DIV) -- just look for the list tag <li> and the close list tag </li> ... the individual items are between <li> and /<li> tags.